Nice Speech

Nice Speech is a private based practice in Kilkenny City.
At Nice Speech each child is evaluated to determine strengths and weaknessess and develop an indivudual plan that will incorporate the most adequate therapy approach and techniques. Parents are informed about techniques that are used providing ideas of carry over through daily activities which is highly reccomended. Treatment is provided through play based actvities which make learning fun for the child.

Nollaig Ryan

I am a Speech and Language Tutor and a Play Therapist.

I have 25 years experience in Early Childhood Education including managing my own Pre-School with a hands on approach, and working with The HSE for 12 years in the area of Additional Needs. I have been studying Speech and Language Therapy since 2012.

Speech Therapy for children should be delivered in a fun interactive way that will encourage the child to feel at ease and look forward to coming back.

I create a happy, friendly environment outside school hours if neccessary as not to interfere with education. Understanding that children are all different in the length of time they can stay focused, none of my sessions are longer that 30 minutes.
During these sessions we us songs, games and imaginitive play which all involve using language skills, as when children are at ease their language becomes more fluent.

As we all know children behave differently in different environments, and around different people, therefore I ask parents to leave during the session so I can get an uninhibited impression of the child. I will build on your childs confidence, which can be a contributing factor in language delay.

What sets me apart for other practices is, using my experience and expertise I have developed my own Framework : The Sunflower Method

Sunflower Method Speech Therapy

Nice Speech Nollaig Ryan KIlkenny